Updates, Chanukah Ham, Christmas, and Remixes

It’s been a few days since I posted… I’ve been relatively removed from my computer. After a bout of severe flu-like symptoms, a battle with a woodpecker (seriously…), and a ferocious deathmatch with plain old laziness, I’m back at the computer for a moment. Long enough to wish a happy holidays and seasons greetings and all that jazz to all my friends and regular readers (and I suppose those who just happened to drop by, as well).

Blog posting may be on hold for a bit, as I’m headed down to the Bay area for a few days, and may or may not have enough time to share my thoughts. But given the holiday season, the festive mood, and the two-hour-long-holiday-traffic-jam I just sat through, allow me to share two things with you that you may or may not be familiar with.

First, NEWS – Definitely my favorite news story from the past few weeks:

“Balducci’s Offers Ham for Chanukah”


Click Here for the NY Daily News article

Click Here for more photos on Flickr

Second, MUSIC – A CD review on Questioning Reality?

Christmas Remixed: Holiday Classics Re-Grooved


While I have a vast array of musical tastes and a great appreciation for a wide variety of music (hell, I have a Didjeridoo and a Ukelele), I rarely (if ever) promote albums themselves, but part of what helps me keep my sanity during the holiday season is the Six Degrees compilation, Christmas Remixed. Seriously… how can you go wrong with Beef Wellington remixing Crosby’s Happy Holidays and Dan the Automator reworking Dean Martin’s Jingle Bells? If you’re looking for some Christmas Music that’s a bit beyond the normal fare, give it a shot. It’s a pleasant blend of traditional Christmas and electronica-remixes. And incidentally, I’ve been hearing a few of the tracks on the compilation while standing in lines at various department stores. which is surprising, yet somewhat reassuring. There’s hope out there.

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