Happy New Year, back from the dead, sort of… and Free Air Guitars

After a 4:00 (am) towncar reservation failed to show up for airport transportation two days before Christmas, I had a feeling I was in for a rocky few days. After finding a taxi and scrambling through the airport, I finally made it on the plane, only to find out that there was a problem with the fuel gauges in the cockpit. No worries though, the pilot assured me over the loudspeaker, “This plane is old enough that it still has an actual dip-stick gauge to check the fuel level.” Comforting to say the least.

After waiting an hour+ to take off, I finally made my way down to California, where I enjoyed a few days off and some pleasant weather. I then returned to Oregon only to be stricken with one of the worst cases of the Flu I think I’ve ever had in my life. Today is the first day I’ve been able to sit up in bed for more than a minute and grab my laptop.

So to all my friends & readers, I want to wish you a Happy, Healthy, Air-travel-trouble-free New Year.
I’m not off to a very good start, but I’m sure some of you might be!

and until I get fully back into the swing of things, here’s something for you to contemplate, from agency The Bridge in Glasgow.


[design corner via coin-operated]

One response to “Happy New Year, back from the dead, sort of… and Free Air Guitars

  1. I actually got an air guitar as a “gag” Christmas gift this year, complete with lyrics and chords to a number of songs, a “Goofy” watch and a Jeff Foxworthy t-shirt to wear while I played it. I asked where the songs came from and the answer was searching google for music for air guitar…

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