More Beer Music: VB + Orchestra = cool

Last Christmas, I was blown away by the Amstel Light Subway Beer Symphony, and it changed how I thought about beer bottles. Well just over a year has passed, and something similar, yet beautifully different pops up. While the Amstel execution was an interesting and slightly edgy process, This spot by GP Y&R [Melbourne] for Victoria Bitters (VB) is the opposite – planned, refined, and well-polished.

I know people that are die-hard VB fans, and this spot speaks to that love in both a clean and fun tone, bringing in the “celebrity” aspect of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra Victoria. Plus it indirectly highlights the bottle sizes as a product attribute. Very impressive indeed. Oh – and the laugh of composer/conductor Cezary Skubiszewski at the end is what makes it perfect.

Check out a great “making of” video with the creatives and the conductor after the jump!

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