Chuck Norris is everywhere. Seriously.

The other night, I was watching television and was lucky enough to encounter Chuck Norris (whose website is awesome, by the way) on multiple occasions. Incredible. It’s a Norris Overload. And let me preface by admitting that Walker, Texas Ranger was my hero growing up… and I’ve seen every episode at least once.

Why is he such a star again? I’m not sure… but regardless, we’re in the midst of a Chuck Norris revival, where his popularity now may even be eclipsing his former stardom. (Be Sure to follow the ump

First: The Huckabee Campaign

words cannot describe my feelings toward this political campaign. I’ll let you figure it out.

MORE great Chuck Norris videos and musings after the jump!

Second: The Iowa Caucus

this wonderful clip pretty much summarizes my feelings. except for the moment at first when I forgot about the Huckabee endorsement, and asked myself “why is there a guy standing behind Huckabee with a Chuck Norris mask on?”

Third: Honda Ridgeline

This spot for the Honda Ridgeline probably deserves its own post. I don’t understand the Ridgeline campaign (if you can really call it a campaign…) which pains me to say, because I usually love RPA‘s work. It seems disjointed, and Chuck Norris isn’t really helping. Nor is equating him to a pickup. But it’s okay, because it’s Chuck Norris, right? There’s actually a good read on AdAge today about success and failure of celebrity endorsements… and I think Chuck might actually fall into the success category.

Fourth: Conan O’Brien

again, no explanation needed.

And finally, the never-failing Total Gym


Could Chuck Norris become one of the biggest celebrities of 2008? I think it’s entirely possible. (and I’m being 100% serious). I’ve never been a fan of the Chuck Norris Facts business. I truly think he’s a great action star (Delta Force, anyone?), a bizarrely fascinating person, and 2008-most-popular-celebrity material. Time will tell.

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