Handpresso: awesome design, odd marketing


I love coffee. and I love beautifully designed products. Handpresso seems to address both of those issues perfectly. The portable single-serving espresso machine brings you top-notch espresso on the go via the pressurized chamber and an espresso pod. All you need is some hot water. The device itself is so beautifully crafted and complex-looking, I could probably stare at the product photos for hours. But when I saw the commercial that goes along with Handpresso, I was somewhat confused and honestly, a bit disappointed:

Such a beautiful (and not exactly inexpensive, at 99 euro/$145) piece of craftsmanship seems to deserve something that speaks to the machine itself. I dunno – maybe I’m just missing something. Either way, a cool product in my book.

A video of the Handpresso in use (also somewhat bizarre) after the jump.

[via Acquire and then again via Notcot]

2 responses to “Handpresso: awesome design, odd marketing

  1. Man, that commercial is just awful. However, I had no idea espresso could make a couple feel so sexually charged…I mean those hikers just about ripped their clothes of with each other eyes whilst making their espresso!

  2. I’m sorry… it looks too much like a pot pipe. =P

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