Fiat 500 + London Eye + Fireworks = one big (little) car launch


After driving a Cinquecento years ago, I fell in love, and have been eagerly following the release of the new Fiat 500, the newest revival of the classic under the Fiat badge. After winning countless awards, including European Car of the Year, the launch of the Fiat 500 has been highly anticipated across Europe (and much hope and anticipation here in the US). Well, Fiat didn’t fail to come through with something huge. They threw a huge launch party with 500 celebrities and roughly 1500 guests that officially launched at 8pm GMT, exactly 500 hours after the start of the new year. To top it all off, they tossed a Fiat 500 into one of the pods on the London Eye, where it will rotate for the next two weeks. Impressive placement that really highlights one of the largest (or smallest) aspects of the car. Very cool. Very different. Now we just need to get Fiat back to the US.

2 responses to “Fiat 500 + London Eye + Fireworks = one big (little) car launch

  1. I think we share the same addiction for outdoor advertising. Did you get that book yet? Mine hasn’t shown up.

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