Beyond Madison Avenue and MacHeads the Movie


I’ve been meaning to mention this here for a little while now. I wanted to say thank you to all my regular readers for your support, comments, & suggestions, and let everyone know that in addition to my mindless ramblings and youtube clip-sharing here on Questioning Reality, I am also spilling my brain juices out over at Beyond Madison Avenue. Some cool stuff getting posted and some very interesting questions being posed. It’s definitely worth a regular read.

And secondly, I mentioned it over at Beyond Madison Avenue as well, but find it so intoxicatingly bizarre, I felt the burning desire to post it here as well, just to make sure everyone sees it (plus I know there are a good bunch of regular readers who are Apple fans). It’s a trailer for a new documentary in the works, entitled MacHeads. It pretty much speaks for itself. And scares me a little bit.

[via gizmodo]

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