New Havaianas creative that actually makes me smile

I remember back when people were all googly eyed over the Havaianas wall murals. Sure, they were fairly creative, a bit different, spoke to the brand identity already well-established in Brazil, communicated strong messages, blah blah blah etc., but I wasn’t really blown away by them.


I have to say, the newest Havaianas work I’ve seen from BBDO NY intrigues me and definitely brings a smile to my face. The planters pictured above are designed to promote the new Havaianas floral-print sandals, and are just beautiful. Floral sculpture and landscape arrangements have been used many times for advertising purposes, but there’s just something so clean and beautiful about this stuff. I think it might be the contrast between the organic and the inorganic that really changes the message behind Havaianas, which really brings a smile to my face.


Follow the jump for another cool (but very different) Havaianas campaign.


This other campaign, also from BBDO NY, is pretty self-explanatory, but equally beautiful in it’s simplicity. You leave your house, step into your sandals and go on your way. When you get back home, you just leave your sandals in the mat. Highlights their simplicity and their indoor-outdoor durability. Just beautiful.

[flowerbed and welcome mat via i believe in advertising]

One response to “New Havaianas creative that actually makes me smile

  1. r these photoshopped? cuz those flowers are huge but it looks really cool

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