A way to break the ice and get your name out there

Well, the Northwest finally received a heavy dose of freezing rain and snow these past few days, so it seems appropriate that I stumbled across this cool little device today.


As much as I love using my old ID cards as ice scrapers, this wallet-sized steel ice scraper definitely seems like a good idea. Also interesting is the option for customizability, with implied business card potential. While a cool handout, I’m not sure what kind of message a business card on a sharpened-steel ice scraper would send.

Regardless, I love the blurb on the website:

Such a simple idea, our scraper cuts effortlessly through even the thickest ice so whether you drive a Porsche or a Panda, do it in style.

(and for those not familiar, this is a panda)

[via uncrate]

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