Dancing, musical hair: creepy, bizarre, or cool?

I’ve seen this ad floating around a few times and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s like Tim Burton raided a barber shop and went to town, with a soundtrack vaguely reminiscent of Mighty Mighty Bosstones meets Save Ferris. Which is odd in and of itself, even sans dancing hair. And maybe this divulges a bit much about me, but every time I see the dancing hair creatures, I think of World Industries Flameboy.

Then again, it is refreshing to see an agency like Bleublancrouge do something that breaks from the traditional haircare ad genre with such force. And in the end, regardless of how creepy I think it might be at times, it’s still pretty fun, well-shot, and a nice thing to see for a haircare brand like L’Oreal.

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