Millard Fillmore Soap-on-a-rope! Does it get any better?

Wow. what to say… The first time I saw this spot, I laughed but was immediately left with a feeling of confusion.

Apparently Byung Mo Ahn had similar feelings. The recently named chairman and group CEO of Kia Motors America is reported to be less than amused with the direction of humor that Kia is moving in. According to an article on AdAge, the Millard Fillmore soap-on-a-rope spot (and actual Fillmore soap-on-a-rope ) is the cause of departure of both Kia’s president and their VP of marketing.

While I can understand Ahn’s desire to change direction of the company’s advertising, Kia and humor kinda go together like Soap and rope, and it definitely carries on the tradition of the giant map pin, musical cars, and steerology. Either way, it just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy – not even with soap-on-a-rope.

11 responses to “Millard Fillmore Soap-on-a-rope! Does it get any better?

  1. Hmm… kind of amusing. Do they really have the soaps? I might buy a car for that. 🙂

  2. no, but you can buy a barack obama soap on a rope at!

  3. I teach American History. Today is President’s Day and toungue-in-cheek, I am insisting that we pay our proper respect to Millard Fillmore (he gets no respect). He was from Central New York (as I am) and yes, he did introduce indoor plumbing to the White House (and running water in the bathtub as Kia’s Commercial exclaims).

    It is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long, long time (I used to teach Advertising as well as Marketing at a university)

  4. My friend is a real historian and wants to get ahold of the soap on a rope w/Millard Fillmore. Please advise where I can get one. thanks

  5. I am an historian also and would like to know where I can buy a Millard Fillmore soap on a rope. It would be fun to have one.
    Thank you.

  6. I wish I had a good answer for those attempting to track down the actual soaps. There are two on eBay. search Fillmore soap. I checked with any contacts who might have some, but no luck. Looks like they’ll be hard (and expensive) to get a hold of.

  7. I just can’t believe that Kia didn’t realize the defacto purpose of soap on a rope.

    It’s sad to see a company go away from humorous commercials. Bun, then, it’s not as sad as when MS tried to be funny, and failed miserably.

    Keep it up DDR!

  8. I love this commercial it’s great !!!

  9. I’m not sure how, but my grandmother purchased a Millard Fillmore soap-on-a-rope for me for my birthday. It came in the mail other day… but I have no idea where she got it! I’m just a Millard Fillmore fanatic.

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