Proof that there is always somewhere to advertise

You probably remember the pregnant woman who sold some prime superbowl ad space, and the various eBay auctions to paint/write/tattoo/brand logos onto various body parts. Sure, it’s cool and all, but it always seems pretty haphazard. Like somebody just decided they wanted some money and had some free space on their skin. Anyway, I saw this over at BittBox and thought I’d share as well, because it’s an incredibly well-done and well executed take on selling personal ad space.


College student David Bracetty really wanted to get to FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in Miami, but he’s somewhere with enough snow to build a mini-snowman, which means pretty far from Miami. So he sold some ad space on a t-shirt he promises to wear during both days of the conference. Pretty cool idea, pretty cool website, and it’s nice to see something done simply and effectively. As of this morning, Bracetty sold out of all of his ad space, meaning his mini-campaign was a success, and he’ll be on his way to FOWA.

Now I just need to figure out where I want to go, and what article of clothing I want to sell ad space on… oh – and an awesome talking snowman.

2 responses to “Proof that there is always somewhere to advertise

  1. Hey,

    Thanks so much for spreading the word. I’m feeling pretty cool right about now, but not as cool as my snowman.

    I’m really looking forward to Miami. It was 6 degrees this week with a -17 wind chill. Miami should hopefully be way warmer.

    Thank you all!

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