Good 50×70: Creative Minds + Social Change = great stuff

As many of you probably know, Social Marketing has a specific place in my heart and mind. One of my theses even revolved around the concept of social marketing. So as you can imagine, it makes me happy to see social change and social marketing efforts happening out there, even if they’re in other countries.

Good 50×70 is back in it’s second year, promoting “awareness amongst the creative community of the power they have to be a force for good.” Good 50×70, while much more at it’s core, is essentially a poster design contest:

There are 7 briefs from 7 charities on 7 issues that affect thousands of people around the world. All you have to do is pick a topic that inspires you and submit a poster on that theme. 210 posters (30 from each brief) will be selected by our jury of leading designers and exhibited around the world and published in a catalogue,but more importantly they’ll be presented to the charities for their use as a potential campaign.

This year has a broad and impressive list of charities involved (like Amnesty, Unicef and WWF) and a hefty list of endorsers, including AGI, icograda and BEDA. And the briefs are well-written and a great point for inspiring creativity. Very cool stuff.

Photos from last year’s event are on the Good50x70 flickr page. Good 50×70 opened for entries on February 18, 2008, and entries are accepted through April 20th, 2008. And as it should be, entry is 100% free.
[via osocio :: photo via flickr]

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  1. Hi, just read this post. Thank you!

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