Is your child a tagger?

I apologize ahead of time… I don’t intend to make light of or poke fun at any criminal activity. But I just find this amusing for some reason…


I think part of it is my affinity toward high quality graphics and effective displays of information. The portrait of the tagger above just seems slightly comical. When I first saw it, I thought it was a joke. I do applaud the City of Santa Ana for going to efforts to educate parents about tagging, including a website chock full of info to help determine if your child is a tagger, like:

• Your child is in the age group statistically associated with tagging, ages 12-18

• Your child frequently wears baggy pants or carries a large backpack

• Your child has large quantities of magic markers in various colors

• Your child has or carries a black artist notebook

The site goes into more detail and does provide a good bit of information (both for parents and wannabe taggers), but it all just seems slightly bizarre to me. I truly wish The city of Santa Ana the best of luck fighting tagging, and hope that ambiguous character with bizarre hands in the diagram above does alright in the end.

[via wooster collective]

2 responses to “Is your child a tagger?

  1. These descriptions sound kind of vague; “frequently wears baggy pants… carries a large backpack.” I think that, as an artist, I fit a lot of these descriptions when I was a teenager. It does, however, look like a good supply list if I decide to go tagging.

  2. “Hey Brah, look what I found…instructions on how to be a tagger!”

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