Pontiac, SpyHunter, and how not to attempt “viral”

Definitely coolest thing of the day, and quite possibly coolest spot I’ve seen in a good while. Impressive for GM. Pontiac has remastered the classic video game SpyHunter to feature the new G8. A car I’m not crazy about in general, but with this spot, I’ll probably give it a second look. The spot will debut on TV for Selection Sunday, which seems just about perfect.

The only not-so-cool thing about it all is an attempted Digitas-led viral promotion of the spot. A direct quote from the e-mail Digital sent out, via Jalponik:

“Just saw this new Pontiac ad online and thought it might be of interest…It takes an old classic, SpyHunter to a whole new place. God love CG. From what I hear its not even on TV yet.”

I’m all for viral, but that’s not exactly the best way to go about it. And honestly, this is the kind of spot that gets spread anyway. It’s geared for viral distribution without any additional push. Seriously – cars, video games, commercials. Seems like a no-brainer. Which is why I’m passing along what was sent to me (thanks Ryan!)… and then goin’ to go watch it a few more times. So would it have worked as well if there wasn’t an e-mail telling people how cool the spot was? I think so.

One response to “Pontiac, SpyHunter, and how not to attempt “viral”

  1. is show!

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