A studious pupil? Mastercard becomes quirky

In browsing through a few different blogs, I stumbled across the above spot by McCann Erickson. Quirky. I like the sound track and the voiceover. I like the atmosphere. It’s definitely quirky. And it’s fascinating to see a reinterpretation of the “priceless” idea. But the eye is bizarre. Too bizarre? Does it detract from the message? And is a wandering eyeball, as described throughout the spot, really synonymous with the search for the priceless? I’m not sure. But I’m glad that the eyeball doesn’t have a price and something else is priceless. I’m pretty much done with that whole campaign.

One response to “A studious pupil? Mastercard becomes quirky

  1. I feel like they had two separate ideas, and I don’t think they worked together too well. The first idea was the ol’ “priceless” bit. The second idea was the curious eye, which probably stemmed from everyone at the brainstorm session making fun of the client’s marketing director’s lazy eye or something. I feel like they tried to glue a cool idea to their existing campaign because they just wanted to publish the cool idea. I don’t think it works here.

    Search for the priceless things in life… which surprisingly still require you to use your credit card with that 23.9% APR! Eh. I’m done with that campaign too.

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