B2B that kicks ass? Motorola thinks so

I wasn’t sure that B2B and kick-ass could go hand in hand. But apparently, I was severely mistaken.


The website, simply titled Government & Public Safety Solutions, showcases Motorola’s public safety, government, and other technologies. Which I never really payed much attention to before. But this site definitely made me investigate.


The site, done by Soulpolice out of Norway for BBDO NYC is just stellar. Over the course of a few small b2b projects I’ve done, I realized very quickly the challenge of integrating strong creative into a b2b campaign. This nails it on the head, and deserves to be checked out.

[via adverblog]

One response to “B2B that kicks ass? Motorola thinks so

  1. Not to have sour grapes about this but actually. Taylor James were the production company that produced the whole site for BBDO in NY. We concepted the idea and delivered the final result, Soulpolice worked on the interactive design with me! Shame we didn’t get a credit for 5months blood, sweat and tears! Glen Taylor. MD TAYLOR JAMES

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