PrintBall looks awesome

I haven’t seen a ton of cool advertising lately. So I’m going to take this opportunity to showcase one of the cooler things I’ve seen in the past few days. Dublin-based French artist Benjamin Gaulon is still playing around with his Printball project. Think of a cross between an ink-jet printer and a paintball cannon. This time ’round, it’s positioned at a glass window in Dublin.

Awesomeness. I really want to check this out in person – on the other side of the glass. More photos and info type stuff here. Maybe it will be creative inspiration for someone out there.

[via the always interesting Coin-Operated]

5 responses to “PrintBall looks awesome

  1. It’s gonna cost a lot in Windows

  2. That robopainter is responsible for Global Warming and other things…

    Global Warming Alarmists Beware…

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  4. awesome story, it’s been added to

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