Absolut Controversy in an Absolut World

The “In An Absolute World” campaign isn’t incredibly new… it launched last year with only a bit of publicity. But one particular ad done for a Mexican audience, printed only in Mexico, created by Teran TBWA, has caused quite a stir over the past few days.

[click above image for larger version via Creativity-online]

Here’s a link to the Reuters story from earlier today, and for more info on the original story, check out the AdAge article, “I Created an Absolut Ruckus.”

Interesting stuff. I’m not really going to say much about it. I’ll leave that one up to you.

5 responses to “Absolut Controversy in an Absolut World

  1. ill take the first whack at this thing

    apparently this ad was very popular in mexico, this scares me a little, if hispanics (to be politically correct) think that this is a good idea enough to run an ad on it to sell vodka, then this must be a pretty popular idea- and since I live in texas which is included in the ad. I became a little angry with the ad

  2. Let’s see them try and take it back. 😉

  3. I read the Reuters article about how one person even dumped all their Absolut vodka down the drain. Geez, get a grip.

    If anyone else is offended by old maps, you can send your Absolut vodka to:
    129 Eastwood Drive
    Mankato, MN 56001

    I will reimburse the first 5 mailers for their postage.

  4. This is one of coolest and smartest advertising campaign I ever seen. EVERYBODY is talking about it.

  5. I find a couple of emotions coming over me when seeing this ad. First and foremost, I agree with American. This is one of the most genius ad campaigns I have ever seen. Absolut had to have known that this would stir emotion in the United States, and they also knew that United States citizens would see this ad even though it was not aired in the United States because of such web inventions as YouTube. People are absolutely (no pun intended) freaking out about the fact that Absolut did this.

    Now, this brings me into my second point. This ad just goes to show how much we as American over-politicize everything we see in the media. This commercial was made for Americans to overreact to. Furthermore, the Americans who ARE boycotting Absolut and writing articles in papers about how terrible the ad is, are actually giving credence and success in some forms to the ad. This also shows me that people in America just won’t be able to accept the fact that within 50 years we will be outnumbered in population by hispanics in the United States.

    Also, a message to those who are boycotting Absolut….. There are more people buying the liquor who saw this ad than people that are boycotting. This in my opinion is because some people can tell the difference between opinion in advertising and fact in advertising. Americans are acting like with the commercials discovery that Mexico is really trying to get this territory back. CALM DOWN AMERICA! IT WAS JUST AN AD!

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