Adidas Originals continues with the Left Right Project… big shoes = big promotion?

Adidas has been busy lately, mostly with the help of 180. You may remember me writing about the Original Games spot and the Adi Dassler history spot, both of which I’m pretty fond of.
Now I’m not a big fan of (and usually veer away from) writing about things that i hear about via letters along the lines of “hey! I thought you might be interested in this. blah blah blah. thanks!” … especially when it comes directly from agency “strategists.” But I’m going to have to let this one slide because it’s just so good. And as my friends and regular readers know, it’s hard for me to pass up good shoe advertising.

I actually saw some video of this last week on the local evening news, and wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. But the YouTube clip really puts it in a different light – one that i can appreciate, and one that i actually think is pretty awesome. A very cool idea that’s well executed with some real concept behind it. Much more than big shoes.

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