Dodge Journey Watersled makes me smile

I was doing a bit of reading for a blurb I was writing for another blog regarding movie theater advertising and the increase that it was seeing in popularity from the automotive industry. I stumbled across the full (i.e. movie theater) version of the relatively new spot for the Dodge Journey. You’ve probably seen the :30 spot and have had the frighteningly catchy Apples in Stereo tune in your head if you’ve watched just about any TV. Anyway, I watched the :60 spot, and realized that it made me happy. I think I actually smiled.

I don’t want to be in love with it, but it’s hard to resist. A good blend of slightly edgy, slightly indy, catch music, and just a generally fun feeling. It’s pretty on spot for creating a feeling – something most auto ads fail to do these days. Then I watched the “making of” and was just as impressed. And I hate to say it, but I think I actually like a Dodge spot.

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