Art meets shoes: Nike loves Mondrian

mondrian dunk

Anyone who knows me well knows of my affinity (a.k.a. problem) for shoes. And many are also aware of my love of art. While I certainly consider many shoes art, they don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But this past week, Nike released a new SB Dunk styled after the work of Piet Mondrian.

It’s cool to see Nike pay homage to great artists (even if it is just to get a cool colorway out of it), and it’s also cool to see people not familiar with the work of Mondrian getting exposed to it via hyped shoes.
There are rumors floating around that the Mondrian Dunk may be the first in a series of artist-inspired Dunks… I can only hope. Either way, it’s uplifting to see De Stijl on a Dunk.

10 responses to “Art meets shoes: Nike loves Mondrian

  1. nice,
    I got a pair of shoes from

  2. feigningenius

    I love Mondrian design, and being from Tracktown USA, I also like Nike. So I guess I have to buy these now. Thanks Dave.

  3. Love them very retro

  4. soooo coool i want =(

  5. But there not straight lines! this goes against everything Mondrian believed in! Shame on you..

  6. hey i am dum

  7. i agree with u Sam

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