Hyperdunk launch > billboard controvery > W+K blog controversy

The highly anticipated Kobe’s signature Nike Hyperdunk launhed last week, complete with tons of controversy which seems to be more and more common these days. The Billboards were proclaimed as insensitive to homosexual men and African-Americans. Nike and W+K then pulled the ads. Simultaneously, W+K made a simple post on their house blog consisting of a Gawker screen-cap and a headline reading “Hypersensitive Y’all?” As you can imagine, people weren’t too thrilled with that response from W+K (just check out the comments on the W+K blog post).

Maybe I’m just insensitive, but all of these ads getting pulled recently because of “insensitivities” (like the Mr. T/snickers ad last week) just seems a bit odd (and almost humorous). It seems somewhat fitting that W+K would make a blog post like that… it just seems to be in-line with the slight bizarreness of it all.

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