Israel Palestine 2018: One Voice

I’ve seen this campaign pop up a few times, and found it interesting if nothing else. But it’s much more…

The OneVoice movement is all about reframing the “Israel vs. Palestine” conflict and promoting moderation.

“We share the same grass (or sand) and we envision a future where we can meet, compete and celebrate on a football pitch rather than on a battlefield.”
In order to make the grass greener, they seek to motivate and back up the ‘moderate’ silent supporters who can hopefully join forces and tone down the minor but loud voices of the ‘hooligans’. [osicio]

Check out the campaign (with a higher quality video) and sign up to support, if you’re so inclined, over at And the One Voice campaign is over at


One response to “Israel Palestine 2018: One Voice

  1. Royal Jordanian tres bonne compagnie!

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