Sandcastle: Sand Art has potential

I’ve always been intrigued by sand art as an artistic video medium, partly because it’s vaguely reminiscent of Alexeieff’s pinscreen animation. I’ve only seen sand art used in an advertising direction in the Qwest commercials that keep coming out [youtube] & [qwest site]. I have to be honest, the first time I saw one of the Qwest spots, I thought it was cool, but on the whole, it’s just disappointing and doesn’t live up to the potential of the medium. This video I just stumbled across via Wooster just confirms the potential that sand + video manipulation have, and it pretty much made my day.

One response to “Sandcastle: Sand Art has potential

  1. Thanks for posting this – it is brilliant. i am a grandmother casting around for art making activities with my two year old grand-daughter. We have been doing a lot of sand play this summer, and this will be a nice extension for making images and stories with sand on top of plastic sheeting during the winter months. BTW, i use powdered graphite in similar ways in making drawings – love the potential and messiness of it. Pure, pleasurable play. G

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