Seinfeld + Bill Gates = advertising perfection?

When Microsoft announced they were teaming up with Jerry Seinfeld to create some Microsoft spots, I had two reactions. The apple fanboy in me was a little nervous. The other side of me was hoping there would be some witty anti-apple humor. Now that the first spot is out – and broadcasting fairly heavily during late night network TV, I’m not sure either of my reactions presented themselves.

I’m really not sure what to say. While I have a few PCs, I’ve been a mac user ever since my IIgs, and I’m typing this on a macbook. So it’s a given that I’m slightly jaded. That, and I’ve never really been a Seinfeld fan. He has his clever moments, as does this spot, but on the whole, the spot – just like his humor – just falls a bit flat for me. I would have expected a bit more from CP+B. But then again…

This is just the introductory spot, so I’ll give Microsoft and Seinfeld the benefit of the doubt and hope that they’ll change directions a bit (i.e. I’ll like ’em at some point). Adweek has an interesting critique of the spot as well. Definitely interesting, and not at all what I was expecting out of the Microsoft+Seinfeld pairing.

(if you click through to Youtube, they’ve got it in high-quality)

3 responses to “Seinfeld + Bill Gates = advertising perfection?

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