That’s a lot of sticky notes!

As usual, Montastic has amazed me again by posting some of the greatest stuff ’round this joint (wherever this joint may be). This is what I wish every day could be like. And some days it is.

It’s interesting to see EepyBird evolve beyond the infamous Diet Coke + Mentos days… and also interesting to see ’em pair up with ABCfamily and Samurai Girl. The added Staples Office Max branding takes it all just a tad over the top, but at the same time, EepyBird just got a ton of exposure with this (which aired at the finale of the series premier of Samurai Girl). So it’s all good. I’m gonna go play with some sticky notes now.

2 responses to “That’s a lot of sticky notes!

  1. Staples or Office Max?

    Awesome video. Made my day!

  2. meh. sometimes I forget there’s a difference.

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