White Gold is… confusing? making the web connection

In April, I wrote about the White Gold campaign, which was creative and impressive. Well, it’s about half a year into it, and they continue to flight the same :30 spots which don’t go any further than the longer spots. They’re humorous yet a bit confusing, and don’t clearly provide much information to the viewer. I’m sitting next to a teenage male watching football and the following spot just aired:

We both laughed, but his comment was more than just interesting – he said, “I keep seeing these but I still don’t know what they’re for.”

he obviously found the humor in it and was intrigued, but for one reason or another, never made an effort to go to the prompted website. The reason for that effort should be in the spot itself. And none of the spots directly push milk, or really make much of a connection. So ultimately, is it effective? Is the teen sitting next to me an anomaly in the target audience? Given his propensity for youtube and surfing the internet, he seems like the perfect target to me. But it doesn’t quite make that final step. what does? Just some food for thought…

One response to “White Gold is… confusing? making the web connection

  1. very interesting

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