Am I a PC? Is Seinfeld gone?

So the Seinfeld/Gates dynamic duo teasers for the new windows campaign [which i mentioned here] have disappeared, and left us with this:

It definitely starts to get at the mac vs. pc spots. And it even has a few humorous moments. On the whole, I like it – at least a good deal more than the teaser spots. But at the same time, I have to wonder what it does for windows (i.e. pc users). It seems like Microsoft is trying to play catch up to Apple, and this spot doesn’t really promote Microsoft or Windows, nor does it really highlight any features. It basically says “pc users are the same as Mac users.” Is that a strategy? I hope there’s more to come (and it gets better).

2 responses to “Am I a PC? Is Seinfeld gone?

  1. I agree with you. The ad is a great deal more interesting then the Sienfield ones and the message is definitely more obvious. But I think that Gates and Sienfield had chemistry, in the older ads.

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