Honda’s musical road is making some noise

I’ve seen this story on the news several times in the last 24 hours, which may ultimately provide Honda and RPA with more marketing buzz than the road itself. RPA has done some amazing work for Honda over the years, and this one was no different. They basically had a stretch of road re-paved just outside of Lancaster, CA and grooved with specific groove patterns designed to produce certain tones and pitches to recreate the well-known William Tell Overture (a.k.a. The Lone Ranger theme). The key – it was all tuned perfectly for a Honda Civic. “Honda is an advanced engineering company, and we thought it would be fun to connect that to the Civic marketing campaign,” said Gary Paticoff, RPA’s senior vice president and executive producer. Makes sense to me. And I like the use of “fun.”

The noise became too much for some, with neighbors being kept up at night by the noise, resulting in complaints to Lancaster. As of last night, the entire stretch of musical road has been repaved, silencing the overture.

The “Civic Musical Road,” as signs state, is slated to be used in an upcoming RPA Honda Civic ad. I hope the ad ends up as impressive as the road itself.

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