More color for Sony, sans rabbits, paint, and balls.

They just keep these sony spots rolling out… although this one is done by a New Zealand agency, Bates 141 – thus not a part of the bouncing balls, paint, and rabbit series. Interesting? I suppose so. Amazing, probably not. It takes a beautiful idea and rehashes it, burning it in the process. Meh.

And just for kicks, incase you’re really bored, here’s their making-of video.

One response to “More color for Sony, sans rabbits, paint, and balls.

  1. I have to disagree daveypants. I think this is more true to the Bravia campaign feel than Paint ever was. I didn’t like the paint spot at all actually–it was too overdone. The best spot was for sure the bouncing balls one. Because it was so simple. The rabbit was was cool just because it was cool–but it was far too fantasy-esque. The brilliance of the bouncy ball one was that it was cool to imagine all those balls. The rabbits, you can’t imagine because colorful clay rabbits don’t exist. The paint one was stretching for something grand and instead I feel it weakened the whole campaign.
    This domino one would much better if (like the bouncy ball ad) it has used thousands and thousands of REAL painted dominos–for the same realistic and simple beautifying aspect of the ball one.

    In my opinion this is the second best of the four.

    So there. 🙂

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