When your dog needs social networking

When you’ve maxed out your own social networking abilities and are searching for that next step, you could always move on to your pets. At least that’s the idea behind SnifTag.

From SnifTag:

Monitor your dog’s activity while you’re away. Keep in touch with his friends and yours. Share helpful information and pet tips online. And get connected to your community. It’s hi-tech, it’s hi-style, easy to use, and completely customizable.

An interesting adaptation of social networking that certainly puts technology to an interesting use. The remote monitoring could be very useful for some… and I can see the potential intrigue in an online social networking site, but at the same time, should you really be “poking” other peoples’ dogs?

One response to “When your dog needs social networking

  1. Добрый день! Давно слежу за Вашим блогом и мне он очень нравится. Пишите довольно часто, красиво и по делу. Я тоже развиваю свой сайт, так что заходите в гости на огонек

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