When all else fails…

Sometimes I can’t find the right words to explain my feelings. So I’ll just let you watch this short Adidas commercial.

I guess a ball to the balls is kind of the traditional popular YouTube clip… or I suppose it goes way back, a la America’s Funniest Home Videos. But for Adidas? I suppose Michael Ballack and the Predator cleat could use some promotion, but is this really doing it for ’em? (then again, I guess I am posting it here…). Maybe this is just the opening to another impressive 180Amsterdam campaign. Maybe. or maybe not.

One response to “When all else fails…

  1. Hmm, interesting Adidas commercial I must say. Now-a-days I guess that type of video is pretty common so I don’t know what to say but as far as cleats go, I have a pair of Adidas Predator cleats that I got from http://www.soccercorner.com and I love them. They are comfortable and the quality is very good.

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