McDonalds calls Starbucks (or its costumers) Dumb


This is one of the more interesting competitive campaigns of late. Pretty self explantory, really. McDonalds erected billboards across Western Washington, including the one above which is visible from Starbucks corporate offices. The other billboard in the set reads “Large is the new grande.” Simple and clever way to promote McDonalds Espresso. It’s a more direct and more in-Starbucks’-face approach stemming from their Unsnobby Coffee campaign.  Supposedly, Starbucks won’t retaliate with counter-advertising… although I think there’s room for some interesting creative there.

As if Starbucks didn’t have enough problems already. Check out the full story from the Seattle P-I.

One response to “McDonalds calls Starbucks (or its costumers) Dumb

  1. Personally, I think the unsnobby coffee adds are insulting. Mainly the one with the two women, since it plays to a stereotype. The two men one isn’t AS bad, but it’s still saying that people aren’t actually intellectual, they’re just playing that way.

    I mean, people would be insulted if Walmart ran an ad that basically said “Don’t shop at Whole Foods (or the equivalent NW variant), Walmart is really what you want, you don’t need to act snobby and shop at a nicer store than us”. I mean, come on, it’s McDonalds!

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