The Miller High Life Guy, one-second comedy, and Bob Ross


In one of the more bizarre yet bizarrely interesting campaigns of late, Windell Middlebrooks is back for Miller High Life in a significantly truncated form (the spots, not Mr. Middlebrooks). In an attempt to call out/poke fun at/criticize/blasphemize/trash/etc. Anheuser Busch, Miller, with the help of Windell, is pointing out the uselessness of a 30-second superbowl spot. The week before the superbowl, an ironically 30 second long spot will air (probably enough to be nasueating), featuring Windell musing on the foolishness of a :30 spot. Then, supposedly, during the superbowl, there will be a true :1 spot.

Check out the commercial over at, where you can also view an unnecessary amount of one-second ads… although I have to call attention to possibly my favorite ad moment of the year, the two one-second spots where Widnell embodies the spirit of Bob Ross (as pictured above). Just creepy and awesome on so many levels. Genius

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