When an Obama slogan appropriation can work

These days, there’s an appropriation of an Obama slogan juts about everywhere. And the “hope” Shepard Fairy poster appropriation seems to be multiplying faster than rabbits on viagra. But every now and then, there’s an appropriation done so well, it actually works. Like this one, for Berlitz Language School (in Israel):


For those that aren’t fluent in French or Hebrew, when read phonetically, it reads “yes we can.” And the biggest hook is both “oui” and the Hebrew “כן / Ken” literally translate to “yes.” In one fell swoop, this one makes up all the other horribly unfunny and unclever appropriations. In the spirit of disclosure, there’s a bit of discussion over at I Believe In Advertising regarding the copy being appropriated from another artist. Either way, it’s effective and well done.

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