Who You Gonna Call? Ray Parker Jr.

The 118 118 guys are back again, with a little help from Ray Parker Jr. If you haven’t seen their bizarrely beautiful spoofs in the past, check out their honda cog spoof, a unfortunate reenactment of flashdance, and their infamous honda choir spoof.

and the copy from the 118 youtube page:

Take one the most famous hits of all time number one in 54 countries. Add the smooth vocals of Mr. Ray Parker Junior (not to mention a few quick costume changes). Mix with a pair of giant 118 118 runners boogying along with a few hundred revelers. Stir in a couple of angry goats and five pedaling Elvises (or should that be Elvi?). Throw in a long take for good measure. And you have the latest in a long line of fun-filled 118 118 commercials.
Fancy singing along with the legendary Ray Parker Junior? Come back next week to http://www.whoyougonnacall.tv. And dont forget to bring a photo.

I’m pretty much sold. None of the 118 spots really make a whole lot of sense, none are earshattering in any sense, but they’re pretty damn funny, and I’m always keepin’ an eye out for the next assuredly bizarre iteration.

One response to “Who You Gonna Call? Ray Parker Jr.

  1. Oh, these are seriously goofy and funny. The Honda Choir spoof reminds me of the Volere/Volare Italian film with its hilarious premises and good, inventive story line. i am now a 118 /118 convert. Thanks so much for this post on a dreary February morning! G

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