This is Reality: Clean Coal Air Freshner

In case the action of this posting isn’t enough evidence, I have returned from my short vacation and am back in the real world, however real it may be. anyway, I’m sure I will have a good photo or two, and maybe even a bit of ad commentary on the ad microcosm that is Vegas at some point, but until then, I give you this.

I wasn’t sold on this campaign previously. but I think this spot is the turning point. Directed by the Acadamy Award-winning Cohen Brothers, this spot for the Reality Coalition is a bit more direct in it’s blatant criticism of the coal industry. which makes it more potent. and in case you’re wondering, The Reality Coalition is a joint project between the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the League of Conservation Voters. That’s a big list of orgs. to band together. And the Reality Coalition website, This is Reality, continues to improve (with an awesome splash page) and their new blog is equally impressive. Socially responsible advertising at it’s best.

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