Earth Justice, soot, and stellar animation for a cause

I’m usually not a fan of the way most pro-earth and environmental PSAs come across. They’re usually heavy handed, overbearing, and dip into the realm of scare tactics. This spot, on the otherhand, is refreshingly inoffensive and simply enjoyable.

The animation style is beautiful and captivating, courtesy of Laundry! (who most recently did animation for the new wrigley’s/juicy fruit/big red campaign). The agency behind it is non-profit creative Underground Ads. And to make it even better, the voiceover is absolutely perfect.

I think the blurb about the clip from Laundry!s website hits the nail on the head:

We recently completed a PSA for the global campaign against those nasty little Soot particles. We love mother earth and were totally stoked to chip in and do our part. So watch this shit, get inspired to make some change, and go to to sign up and tell Obama that you’re pissed.

this whole bit actually makes me tempted to pass this one along – which is a rare occurence for me, especially with non-profit PSA-ish stuff. I’m all for it, but rarely do I fall in love with it.

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