Japanese monster movie meets shoes: Puma loves Gojira

As most of you know, I’m a pretty big shoe fan, and am always greatly intrigued when there are some impressively creative ideas that come out of the shoe world… most notably, the Piet Mondrian-inspired Nike Dunk I wrote about a good while back.

Well, this time around, it’s Puma, coming out with a slightly more pop-culture-cultish release. While I love shoes, I may love the Showa-era Japanese monster movies even more (a fact few of my regular readers probably realized). so it is with that tidbit that my extacy over this new release can be understood: The Puma Terror King pack.

puma terror king godzillaEach shoe is inspired by early Japanese monster movies. the shoes include:

  • The Mecha King, a Puma First Round inspired by Mechagodzilla
  • The Terror King, a Puma Stepper inspired by King Ghidorah
  • The Ape King, a Puma Mid, inspired by King Kong (who fought godzilla in ’62)
  • The Moth King, a Puma Clyde inspired by Mothra
  • The Lizoid King, a Puma First Round inspired by none other than Godzilla himself

A stunning amount of detail went into materials, stitching, and other various details, including printed “skills” and “attributes” under the tongue. Pretty cool homage. check out Kicks on Fire and Sole Collector for more. and of course, More pics, including images of the monsters, after the jump.

puma terror king mecha mechagodzilla

puma king ghidora terror pack

Puma ape king kong terror pack

puma moth king terror pack mothra

puma godzilla terror king pack lizoid

One response to “Japanese monster movie meets shoes: Puma loves Gojira

  1. I am forever looking for the Moth Kings pictured above. If you ever come across size 10 1/2 or 11’s, please contact me.

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