Ray-Ban shakes things up, adds some color that goes pop

It’s been hard to ignore the seemingly never-ending “Never Hide” viral campaign Ray-Ban’s been pushing for some time now. Most recently, they took a cue from other viral spots and attacked the hills of San Francisco with a yarn ball (youtube embedded after the jump incase you don’t feel like clicking through). It’s been a good run, but viral after viral of Ray-Ban fashionistas flipping sunglasses onto eachother and jumping into pants starts to get a bit exhaustive, espeically when it becomes so methodically consistent that it’s instantly recognizable as a Ray-Ban Never Hide viral.

So after checking out Ray-Ban’s youtube channel today, I’m surprised and somewhat elated to see a brand new spot of a different color.

Finally, a flahy, catchy, interesting and vibrant spot that’s not produced with a cell phone camera. Could this be a sign of the times? could we finally be shifting away from the uber-viral? or is it just a different type of viral with a bit more polish? Either way, I’m happy with it’s direction.

And here’s the Yarn Ball spot that feels just a bit too much like other balls down San Francisco spots. Either way, the Eagles of Death Metal track works pretty nicely into the spot, making me almost fond of it. in a weird, I-almost-like-this-viral sort of way.

One response to “Ray-Ban shakes things up, adds some color that goes pop

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