GM is reinventing themselves?

With the government bailout of the auto industry, stuff has gotten a bit crazy lately. And while many corporate behomoths have been moving toward more transparency and a sense of public good, connection with the community, etc. etc. (i.e. GE’s EcoMagination campaign), when it’s a result chapter 11, does the message still work?

In a recent interview, Mark LaNeve, vice president of GM sales, service and marketing told Automotive News “We’ll break an ad campaign that is very transparent, that we’re not the first company to go through this. We’re going to reinvent ourselves. We’ll be advertising that we’re open for business.”

It’s interesting to see the attempt and the message is intriguing, but part of me is still reserved and unsure how truthful the message really is. Maybe it’s just as a result of the bankruptcy that I’m cautious, but it almost feels a bit too contrived and a bit too much like empty corporation speak. Is it really any different? I suppose time will tell.

They do have a fairly interactive and decently impressive website to go along with the reinvention campaign. It looks clean – I’ll give ’em that much. And just in case you were worried, GM is including Twitter, Facebook, and several other social networking mechanisms into their “reinvention” campaign. Hopefully this will be the seed that generates some impressive new automotive creative. We shall see.

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