A Dinosaur, Ice Skating, and a Denver museum promo: Unlikely combo?

beautiful. Funny without being outright dumb and clever enough to not feel contrived. A beautiful blend of elements for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Smoke & Mirrors New York teamed up with Carmichael Lynch Minneapolis to execute the impressive spot.

Here’s the blurb on the creation from Smoke & Mirrors, pulled from the unusually informative description on the YouTube page:

Via our recently ramped up 3D department we were able to create, rig, animate and render the entire project in under a month. Smoke & Mirrors filmed the live-action backgrounds in Central Park, then the Manhattan skyline was replaced with the Denver Museum area in post.

Every detail from the ice cracking under the reptile’s tremendous weight, to ice chips flying from its slipping feet were rendered to create a believable, cohesive scene.

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