Back from a month-long break fueled by coffee

So lots has happened in this past month, causing this blog to unfortunately fall to the wayside. In a whirlwind turn of events, I somehow found myself in retail management (ironically – and dangerously – in footwear), and simultaneously short-staffed and without an assistant, resulting in roughly 80-hour weeks (I wish I was exaggerating). Today is my first day I haven’t had to work 11 hours in nearly a month. Assuming all goes well, I hope to resume the stream-of-conscious aggregation of thoughts that this blog had become.

And to kick things back off on a solid graphic-design foot, here’s a classic that never gets old, and pretty much describes my life for the past month or so: Lokesh Dhakar’s “Coffee Drinks Illustrated:”


Hopefully this won’t be the last post for another month…

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