Mute Math: Spotlight. A music video in a van?

A good while back, I wrote about the brilliance of Mute Math’s video for Typical. Well, they’ve long since proved they weren’t a flash in the pan, and keep churning out pretty solid music with equally (if not more) impressive videos. At my new job, I’ve found myself subjected to the relentlessly cyclical onslaught of pop music videos, but every now and then, one catches my eye. I’ve always extolled the virtues of one-take videos, and this newest one from Mute Math,  is no different:

Something about filming the entire music video inside of a van is bizarre and boring yet the end result is pretty astounding. Plus, they managed to get the track into the insanely popular Twilight, which gets them even a bit more exposure. I’m eagerly awating the next one.

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