The best Halloween costume ever?

Being ‘netless, timeless, and now computerless, spending the time I don’t have surfing the internet I don’t have access too is even more difficult… hence the continued dry spell of posting on this here blog. That doesn’t mean, however that I don’t still search for the cream of the crop.

Many of you know of my love-hate relationship with the beast formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and their oracle of a Colonel. This past halloween, I concocted an exquisite Colonel Sanders costume, pictures to come. I was impressed. Coworkers were impressed (or maybe just amused by the nearly transparent linen pants). Either way, it was a solid costume. But it doesn’t compare in the slightest to this:

I am amazed. I better start working on next year’s costume now.

One response to “The best Halloween costume ever?

  1. I went to AX (Anime Expo) in 2005, and there were a whole group of people all with similar transformers costumes. It’s a whole sub genre of cosplay I guess… anyway, yeah, pretty cool!

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