Volkswagen turns everyone into a dude?

Alright. So it’s been a while… probably way too long since I last posted… and I’d be lying if I said that today marks the beginning of the revival of regular posting on this here blog. I’d like to think that’s the case, but realistically, working 70+ hours a week in retail isn’t exactly giving me a whole lot of free time (although working in a shoe store is certainly increasing my footwear collection fairly rapidly).

Anyway, in the limited time I have to scour the net, I rarely come across things that I fall in love with. This is one of them:

I know (and you may know) of my love for volkswagens and much of their advertising, but there’s definitely a reason for it. Something quirky without being over-the-top crazy. something familiar and a relaxing-without-annoying quality about the music (a-la the infamous trio infused da da da spot), and just plain fun. Simple, to the point, and effective. I’m sold. now i just need the money to afford one.  (full credits if you click through to youtube).

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