When the news seems generic

Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to make a post on here. And for that, I apologize (just incase there happens to be someone out there expecting an apology). It’s been a crazy few months, pretty much dominated by working 80 hour retail work weeks. Not really enjoyable. at all. But alas, it pays the bills. and reminds me I need to do my taxes.

Anyway, despite being completely separated from the world of the internet over the past few months, save the few glimpses into my inbox and the occasional ebay purchase, I still manage to stumble across some interesting stuff, most of it coming my way via a few good friends. So with that, I give you the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a good while:

[via TodaysBigThing via moT (thanks!)]

2 responses to “When the news seems generic

  1. That is so brilliant! They should show this in SOJC classes, if they don’t already.

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