Now I want a new pair of Nike Frees

Sometimes, I see stuff that just blows my mind. This is one of those things:

W+K Tokyo gathered up Japanese DJ duo Hifana and got Tomoaki Yanagisawa from 4nchor5 la6 to rig up the shoes, which have flexible accelerometers wired through ’em, and Daito Manabe did the sound programming. The result? Awesomeness.

Some more crazy behind-the-scenes photos are over at Daito’s site here.  Now I want to go get a new pair of Nike Frees. That, and some of those orange-box speakers!

[via hypebeast]

3 responses to “Now I want a new pair of Nike Frees

  1. Афтар недоумок

  2. Wow!! that was seriously amazing. I wish they really did play beats, so you could dance in them :]

    Still really cool, woot

    Also, David your blog is awesome, love all the unique vids. We know you’re pretty busy, but if you get a chance,you could check out our site. We turn your faded black jeans Back to Black.


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