Doctor Rose started his advertising career as a professional promotional gorilla. It has only been downhill from there. A professionally trained mascot, mechanic, Russian clown bike connoisseur, and photographer, Doctor Rose is the Macgyver of the creative world, a computer his Swiss Army Knife. Doctor Rose managed to escape from college with a B.S. in journalism and a B.F.A. in photography, and regularly uses his skills to this day, freelancing as a photographer, designer, writer, etc. His slightly jaded and often cynical views showcase the interesting, bizarre, and disturbing through a unique lens, but never fail to pique interest, spur discussion, and incite the occasional riot. And yes, he still occasionally dons the gorilla suit.

11 responses to “About

  1. On the streets, we call him Daveypoo.

  2. Your blog is super.
    Thank you for providing thought-provoking topics

  3. Hey D-Rose. Whatcha up to? Where you at? I’m on your side of the blog continent now. Shameless plug: Check it out.

  4. Hey D,
    my blog is no longer sneakyang.blogspot.com…

    now it’s http://www.gayunicorn.com/blog

  5. You forgot something about DH’s mom.

  6. Hi Doctor Rose,

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you? I’ve been having a bit of a hunt around online and I notice from you blog that you have an interest in innovative product design and I thought you might be interested in some cool contemporary art work activity I’m working on for Becks in the UK.

    Beck’s have supported contemporary art for the best part of 20 years – lending emerging artists such Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Jake & Dinos Chapman a helping hand at key points in their career.

    This year we have worked with the Royal College of Art to offer four promising artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork on an unprecedented scale – having there artwork replace the Becks label on bottles nationwide in August. Once again, providing a foot-up for the next batch of Damien Hirsts.

    I wondered if you would be interested in finding out more about the campaign? The winners and their works are well and truly under lock and key until Mid July. However, I can reveal to you the names of the winning artists, their biogs and some examples of previous work if you’re interested?

    Please let me know what you think?



  7. hi Dr Rose,
    did you see this one before?
    I think it’s pretty funny!
    check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jw7AKtaLVg

  8. Dear Rose,
    I like your blog.
    I would like to introduce you to kilimanjaro magazine.
    Ethos art Love and everyday life.
    Please google kilimanjaro edits or kilimag.com

    I would like to be feature on your blog.

  9. you blog is very interested ,
    Next issue of kilimanjaro is “About Now”

  10. dearest dr. rose–world series cell panorama

    7th inning, game 2 world series, oct 28, 2010
    Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants

    shot with sony c905 using built-in panorama mode…. please contact me ASAP I really want to use this ultra amazing photo in my book! please call/write…

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